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Running a successful email or rich media ad campaign on top tier search engines requires creatives that are going to convert (CVR) for optimial revenue.

Creative Diesel has extensive years of experience in Rich Media creative design and we have built our core business in offering this service to lead generation companies. We understand the importance of creatives with engaging animations, strong call-to-actions (CTA's), and compelling headlines.

Creative Diesel - Web DesignWe offer the following rich media services:
• Creative Design (.swf, .jpg, animated .gif)
• Creative resizing for media placements
• Templatized HTML Email Creatives
• design compliant creatives

Experience in following verticals:
• Dieting Products/Supplements
• Health & Beauty
• Mortgage / Refinance
• Online Education
• Ink Jet Cartridges
• Online Dating Sites
• Personal Fitness / Athletics
• Mobile Ringtones
• Direct marketing products

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